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Each practitioner's programme will look slightly different but most will involve;

  • An initial meeting, to explore the suitability of INPP for you.

  • A developmental assessment, to determine which reflexes are retained and identify an exercise for you to do daily at home.

  • Reviews which will be held every 6-8 weeks to review progress and give new exercises.  


Programmes will last from 12-18  months.

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What does an INPP programme look like?

There is information on the website and on individual practitioners websites.

We will also be hosting information evenings at different venues throughout the year.  If you would like us to talk to a group you are part of or at a venue you know please get touch.

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How can I find out  more about INPP?
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You can contact individual practitioners to ask questions or arrange an initial consultation. At this initial meeting you can discuss the situation with your chosen practitioner and share early development which will allow the practitioner to give you an ideation as to whether INPP is likely to be helpful in your situation.

How do I know if INPP is right for me?

Each practitioner will have their own pricing please contact them for information.

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What will an INPP programme cost
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