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Retained reflexes could be causing or contributing to your symptoms!

INPP is an international organisation with over 750 licensed practitioners in 14 countries.

There are Licensed INPP practitioners around the world including Scotland.  All practitioner listed on this and other official INPP sites have;

  1. Completed an INPP approved training course

  2. Practice the INPP method in the way that it has been taught.

  3. Abide by the code of ethics, which forms part of the Licentiate agreement.

  4. Attend regular continuing professional development  training (bi-annual supervisions)

To find your nearest licensed practitioner in Scotland click here.

For international practitionners click here.

INPP is a method of reflex integration

INPP leaflet

 INPP gave me hope where no one else could.  



   While everyone else was blaming us, the parents, INPP explained why we were experiencing the difficulties we were and helped us to sort them.


— RS from South Lanarkshire

— ML Motherwell.


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